Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Case

I haven't blogged much recently. I have been running. I've even had a few races and a few other running adventures, but life has busier than normal. I planned on doing a full running update this week, but then something happened and I've decided to blog about this instead. I'll return to running updates next week.

Last month our friends, Xavier and Emily, came to visit us from Texas. They had never been to Boston and we hadn't seen them in 3+ years. It was a wonderful week! We loved getting to meet their two boys, Graydon and Case, and they loved getting to meet our two. Even though it had been years, we picked up right where we left off. Lots of laughing and talking and catching up. At the end of the week I ran the Apple Fest 1/2 Marathon with Emily. It was awesome. She and I have been swapping running stories for years so it was awesome to finally run together. Right after the race, they returned to Boston and then flew home that evening.

While they were here, they mentioned that Case (10 months old) wasn't being himself. He wasn't eating very well and was more fussy than normal. Although he seemed to be pretty content, he had rough nights and wasn't as happy as they were used to. He actually cried through the whole race. We all chalked it up to the travel (they had toured the east coast for a week and half before they got to Boston) and being overly tired from the flights and driving.

Once home, Case got worse and then his skin turned a bit yellow. The first doctor said it was a virus so they went to another doctor, who promptly sent them to the Children's Hospital. After MRIs, cat scans and other tests, the results came back that he had a cancerous tumor in his abdomen and that it was pancreatic cancer. The tumor is so large and encompasses so many of his organs and veins that cutting it out isn't possible. Right now he is facing chemotherapy. They are still waiting to find out if it's Stage 4 (as most pancreatic cancer is when it's discovered) and whether it's moved into his bone marrow. Those answers will change the course of treatment they decide to take.

Emily and Xavier are still hopeful for the best, despite all the challenges that are in store for them. There is not a lot we can do for Case, other than pray.

This news hit me pretty hard. I cried all afternoon yesterday and again this morning when we got more news. It's difficult to see your friends go through something this difficult. It's hard to imagine what they have ahead. It's difficult to hear about such a young baby, who we fell in love with just last month, suffering this way.

And then it helps me puts into perspective everything else. It makes me grateful for my children and their health. It makes me want to stop "sweating the small stuff". Life is precious and can be fragile. It makes me grateful for the love of our Savior and Heavenly Father who, I believe, will guide us through trials and difficulties. I believe we will never be alone. I believe that Christ has this sweet little family in His hands and he is holding them up and helping them stand.